How to Get the Perfect Backswing

Hitting the ball perfectly is all about you completing the entire step of backswing to hitting the ball all in one motion, which in essence does take some years for you to master during which you must have exemplary dedication and commitment to the game.

golf_swing_basicsThe backswing really is the first step for anyone to start playing a game of golf. This is the set of motion which sets of all other events to follow, and thus it is important you get your backswing right, else the resultant activities will also suffer.

The first step for you is to get into position after which you could work on making small movements with your arm.

The problem with starting a backswing too fast is that you could end up having a steep swing plane which can also cause a big time reduction in the accuracy and power on your strokes. Work on a mechanism by which your right shoulder is a bit lower than the left shoulder, if you are righthanded, and get going with your backswing.

If you could point out one common bad habit in golfers especially when they start a backswing, it has to be that most of them tend to do it with their arms and shoulders only, which results in them losing on a lot of power and accuracy. Enough practice is the best way for you to get rid of this habit, but you also need to focus then on how your body moves. Get your arms, shoulders, upper legs and hips to move in one fluid motion and you would be good to go.

Every golfer wants to hit the ball as clean and accurate as possible. It really just comes down to your hard work and your technique. You will start seeing the way how your body adapts to itself when the backswing starts. With the left arm and the right arm significantly changing positions, the one important thing for everyone to note is the position of the right elbow. The right elbow should be in a closed position all through out the swing, else you would not get appropriate power on to the shots.

At the top position, if everything is gone right until now, the battle to get the perfect golf swing you will realize has just begun. Here, the positioning of the wrists matter a lot because you dont want to end up clutching the golf club too tightly. The club needs to be gripped firmly enough yet you must stay relaxed at all times.

Once you are done with all of this, having your body moving around a bit until the left shoulder is atop the right shoulder in position, works well. Make sure your left knee is bent slightly towards the right, and if this happens, then you are ready for the perfect downswing.

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